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Originally Posted by Taylor95 View Post
You can get a larger throttle body (or bore out your stock one), and get performance exhaust parts for your vehicle. And you could also upgrade your ignition system. Other than that you really can't do anything else without getting inside your engine.

Edit: if you have injectors then upgrading them to 12 hole injectors might yield some results.
That's why I was thinking headers and a cat delete. The previous owner put a glasspack to dual exhaust setup, but I don't really think it's the best option for low end, so I do the front half I might redo the whole works to 2 1/4 to a single side exit, which I prefer anyway.

Any thoughts one how much to bore the throttle body? This is the one that has two throttle body inlets stacked on top of each other. I will look into injectors.

My hesitation on a cam is mainly that I don't have a garage to work in, and I have nosy neighbors who throw a fit anytime I do an oil change, let alone if they see me pulling valve covers and the intake out of my pickup. I'm going to do some serious checking over though, and If I have the slightest suspicion that an intake gasket might be needed, I will probably just go ahead and do the cam at that point as there isn't much left to do then.

Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Rethinking this: I believe you have the plastic crack prone intake with coil packs. Therefore you also have a chipped computer ecm. Get a performance chip replacement optimized for towing.

Not sure if there's performance chips available, but my intake is cast aluminum.

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