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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Actually cat converter s IMPROVE exhaust flow because they heat it back up

Doesn't mean the intake is original.

Live in a HOA/condo/ apartment complex?

Cam change is done through the water pump part of the block no intake removal required. Do need to pull valve covers for lifter pushrod access
Worse, I had a great idea a few years back to buy a trailer house cause it was cheap living, park owners are fascists (though their yard is a total dumping ground), and I live across the street from them.

I watched a couple videos on changing the cam and it looked like you had to pull the intake to get at the lifters, or is the special tool the guy talked about not getting to pull them up through the push rod holes? (sorry I don't know the right term on that one)

Edited to add: I know for certain it's the factory intake, and I looked and there's only one aftermarket option for these and it is also aluminum.
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