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Originally Posted by Taylor95 View Post
Cat delete is illegal. I wouldn't do it. They also play an important role in reducing vehicle emissions. There are high flow cats if you are interested.

Easiest way to get a bigger throttle body is to buy an aftermarket one that has already been bored out. If that isn't an option, you can take it to a machine shop. Many throttle bodies are tapered at the bottom. A conservative bore would be to remove the taper. Or you could reasonably go a little bit bigger. For example, the stock throttle body on my jeep had a 60 mm opening and was tapered to 55 mm at the bottom. I bought a bored out throttle body from a machinist for my vehicle that was 62 mm all the way through. It gave me a huge increase in throttle response a little bit more horsepower and torque. I think it improved my mpg as well, but I didn't test for that scientifically. If you want you could email the guy I bought the throttle body from and ask him to bore out yours. The bonus is that he makes throttle plates. You would have to make your own if you did it by yourself. It cost me around $130 or so for the throttle body.
I know cat delete is illegal, I don't drive like a moron, and there's no emissions testing in my state, so I'm not worried about getting checked, and I'm not a tree hugger that thinks CO2 is going to destroy the world.

That said, I may buy a throttle body, I found aftermarket ones, and I doubt I can get mine machined for what they cost.
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