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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I always liked the BD-5.
Me too, but Burt Rutan's designs have a much better safety record.

Even Burt could not fix Jim Bede's design.

Maybe it was a design only Les Berven could fly?

Bede BD-5

Little jet, big impact
“It was a beautiful little airplane, but engineering-wise, it was a mess,” Rutan recalled. As the basic aerodynamic problems with the original piston-powered, pusher-prop BD–5 were solved, Rutan moved to the jet version, and recalls playing a key role in the adaptation. It also provided Rutan’s introduction to Herb Iverson, who worked for the French turbine maker Microturbo that supplied the first-generation jet engines. The two would go on to found Scaled Composites. Rutan left the BD–5 project in 1974, returning to California as it became clear to him the company was headed for disaster.
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