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It's funny you mention a flipping of values within political parties. A somewhat popularly held belief is that there was a big switch between the Republican party of emancipation, and the slave owning Democratic party. Dinesh has a spiel about this topic which is entertaining if not containing bits of truth worth exploring further. I'm not a fan of his motivation to condemn the opposing party and exonerate his own, but he's an interesting guy.

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
But in the US both parties are on the right side, one more so than the other; so IDK. I'd probably side with the Democrats more than the Republicans. I was glad Trump won though, but looking back I'm not sure about it anymore. Would Hillary have done a better job then? So glad it's not my problem.
I dunno if I would say both parties are on the right side, but they are both indistinguishable as far as growing government, reducing liberty, and expanding executive power. In that respect, I have little hope of seeing someone in office I respect; and if that person would be in office, they would have very little ability to change government because they would limit the authority of their position.

I've got mixed feelings about Trump. I figured he stood no chance of being the primary nominee, but an even smaller chance of the presidency. I'm delighted that we're open to electing non-politicians to the top office, because as I am always saying, career politician shouldn't be an occupation but a term of service, as it was intended.

We had just about the worst candidates to choose from, and that choice seems to have boiled down to whether we wanted a crass but real person, or the empty shell of a person that is supported only by political scaffolding. The people chose despicable person over a hollow apparition.

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