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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Much of the equipment could be made more efficient if there was incentive due to the cost of batteries. For instance, hydraulic pumps run continuously in heavy equipment even if it isn't moving anything. Electrify those pumps and then the speed of the pumps can vary from off, to full speed depending on the demand.

Heavy machinery often has fuel capacity to run for days between refueling. If it's being charged nightly (or better yet, fast swap battery packs), it doesn't need to have days worth of capacity. Instead the battery can be sized to go 1 day, or perhaps as small as whatever is necessary to deliver peak power if packs can be swapped quickly.
When I looked at the patent language for the JP Morgan-Chase-Siemens-Caterpillar open pit drag-line shovel,this 'electrifying' theme seemed to leap off the page.
It sounded like the electric motors,directly operating all the cable drum drives,and skipping the pump-to-hydraulic motor,made a jump in efficiency.Kinda like we see on contemporary automobiles,where power steering and belt-driven accessories have been electrified in the name of better fuel efficiency.
And any equipment articulation,which involves gravity-induced,kinetic energy is a candidate for regenerative energy recycling,something impossible/improbable with hydraulics?
AeroStealth had to take his Kabota tractor in for some service work,and while he was there,noticed that some trencher/excavator equipment offered for sale was electric.First he'd seen.
It looks like the opening salvo has been fired in that market.
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