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Well, Rio de Janeiro it's in critical situation, since a lot of politicians in corrupt organizations destroyed the city along the decades. Many police forces are also corrupt and have deals with organized crime drug dealers.

Right now brazilian army forces are in action, but they are not trained to deal with civilizans very well. Few day ago a car with a non-criminal, a family of a musician, got more than 80 rounds from army rifles, killing the driver (father of the family) and injuring his father in law. It was reported that the soldiers even made fun of the killing. Now 10 army soldiers are arrested.
It's a jungle.

A lot of minors, who works for drug deallers leaders carry rifles. SOme people grow-up among criminals. There was the case of a girl who was victm of collective rape when she faint during a group sex relation with many men. Seh had posed photos smilling with many criminals carrying large automatic rifles. Leftwing portrait her as a victim of rape (and she was since more man get penetration of her after she faint) but for me the huge crime wasn't the rape but the process of she grown among such people, dangerous criminals, feeling it was a normal thing.

The question is that snipers could shoot minors carrying rifles. Brazil have huge favelas (slum) on Rio de Janeiro, under domain of drug dealers like almost a independent state, where the law that worth for people who live there is the law imposed by drug deallers.

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