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Peacefull when USA police encounters white citizens carrying rifles...

I saw many news about black people being shot when police imagine a wallet in hand was a gun. I will not say it's 100% just racism, since criminal behavior among black people it's almost 10x higher than among white people. Police needd to take statistics somehow too when take decision. But the decision to take lethal force when there is no sure a guy have a gun... it's not nice.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
In the US, the vast majority of police encounters with people carrying firearms is peaceful. Police will give instruction to suspects, and may shoot them if they aren't followed.

That's one of the reasons this country needs an official language. If there is no agreed upon language, then it isn't reasonable to expect a person to follow orders when their life is on the line.

Aviation safety is maintained by an agreed upon language, similarly an agreed upon language is necessary for the safety of citizens.
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