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IIRC the 1964 was the notchback and the 1964Ĺ was the fastback.

I haven't found a good reference, but searching on '"Internet" vs "the internet"' most of the discussion is about 'on' vs 'in' and Internet vs World Wide Web.* My thinking is that Internet isn't a thing, it's a mode or state of being.

*Some of it is wholey wrong:
Originally Posted by DDG
Books Vs The Internet: A Comprehensive Study
The Internet is a social platform where we can exchange our views, ideas or thoughts to the world, as well as know about the world in a better manner. Both Internet and books should go hand in hand so that the next generation enjoys a better future.
The destruction of thought by social media is complete. Social media exist as a subset of the WWW which is a subset of IP protocols built on Internet's TCP/IP model. The IP stack is four-layered (ISO) or seven layered (TCP/IP).

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