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Religious people use to say that I only know right and wrong due christian/hebraic God. But if right and wrong it's just a "because yes" it would have no value, since there would be no argument and phylosophy but just a "baecause God said so".

They forgot how they created values and not God, since religion changed a hell of a lot things, interpretation and ideas. To start was men who choose the text that would compound Bible. Men created churchs and elected Popes, and curchs and popes vary so much along history... So no one was the world a supposed God. Unless God have multiple personalities syndrome...
If society today do not kill atheists (like me) and allow divorce and many other things, even in church approval, it's because of human phylosophy and not because any God. So men creates God. Religious people choose not follow crazy sh...t on Bible, like sell children, so they have their own morals outside Bible, and use it to manage religion.

Some people today start to say black people have more tendency to genetics to be more prone to spent than save, and use Darwin's theories to argue, like africans had to hunt and europeans had to farm and save food for the winter. It sounds logic, but need to be scientific proof of it, otherwise we could formulate science theories to jsutify racism.
A suposed researched (needs to be comfirmed) showed black kids have more more tendency to prefer a lollipop today than wait get 2 lollipops tommorrow.
If it's genetic or cultural, who knows... Parenthood have a deep influence. A parent tho saves and teachs to save creates a early behavior on their kids.

Are you against pay jews grandchildrens for the death (execution) of their relatives in WWII???
I see that there are sme responsability. If the grand-grand-grand-grand... children of the whites who slaved the blacks earned their money, there is some responsability. If the scars of slavism are still there, there are responsabilities. But it's different from what left wing it's doing now, with so much exageration and crazyness.

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People tend to take an interpretation which justifies their behavior. The authors had a particular meaning though, so the only way to read the text in good faith is to consider the context in which they wrote, and give the best effort to determine what they were saying. If there's no effort to understand what someone is saying, there's no point in listening/reading.

I'm with you in my dislike of religion, though I see the benefit for those more concerned with fitting in, or needing concrete rules to live by to ground them. Rules get you by in absence of good philosophy, and adopting good philosophy is extraordinarily difficult compared to adopting rules.

I'm not very envy prone; it's probably the least of "the 7 deadly sins" for me. A consultant was hired on at my last job at $155k/yr, and he had below average intelligence, and somewhere around 25% of my technical ability. His job was to administer the email program (Lotus Notes), but he would just call IBM and get them to do his job. That was the closest to envy I've felt in a long time, but it was more a sense of injustice that the company would not spend any money on critical items (pens and paper, $5 parts that can keep manufacturing from failing), but then hire this guy to do nothing but make phone calls. His pay was 4x mine, but the value to the company was perhaps 1/4 of my contribution.

I turned it around and said that if I wanted to make $150k, I could. Ultimately I don't care if I make lots of money, and I'm not willing to become a slimy salesman to oversell my capabilities and worth in exchange for it.

The saver vs spender personality is mostly genetic though. Some of my first memories was saving pennies in a toy trailer. I valued the opportunity the money represented more than the things I could buy with it. Behavior can change, but it's enormously difficult, and gets harder the older a person gets.

It does amaze me how certain immoral ideas are deemed moral, or at least neither moral or immoral. There's a fringe group of people that think "white people" should pay reparations to "black people" in the US, as if all white people now are responsible for past wrongs to black people that are long dead. It's at least as evil an idea as saying all black people should pay more taxes since some black people create a disproportionate burden on police and other social institutions.

That said, society tends toward better behavior and ideas. The terrible ideas now while bad, aren't the worst we've had, and surely won't persist into the future. Darwin rules apply to ideas too, and only the fittest persist.

More like I didn't have a solid investment plan at the time, so I decided to loan the money until I did have a plan. He agreed to pay it back within 1 week of notifying him. In my laziness, I loaned the money for 6 years, and he recently paid it back.
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