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I don't know how many of us want bluetooth in our cars. Mom wanted me to download something to my phone so we could listen to it on our road trip.

My phone is not quite loud enough for road trips. If her car had bluetooth there would be an easy solution.

As far as I am concerned, aside from GPS, the only reason I pay attention to my phone is if there an emergency.

A family in New Jersey argues that bluetooth is a necessary safety feature. Their phone will not stay paired, so the phone rings when they are driving, and then they are looking away from the road. They have had their car repaired or inspected at least six times and Tesla has had the car at least a hundred days. Tesla says they proved it was the phone's fault, citing a forum post about a different Samsung that could not sync with a Prius.

Tesla claims it is a known problem, which Samsung denies. Tesla says they were able to pair other phones. The family says they could pair the phone with other Teslas. The family is threatening to sue to make Tesla buy back the car.

Rich people problems.

Tesla should buy a Galaxy S10, make sure that it syncs, and then give it to the family.

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