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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I should also mention, I have had all electric yard tools for quite a while. My last gasoline tool was a snowblower. Unfortunately, the electric snow blowers (2) have not been very robust, and I am still looking for a long term electric solution.
I have progressed to an electric trimmer (purchased, not built), an electric UTV (or side-by-side .. purchased surplus and in the process of rebuiild) for hauling/planting/fertilizing/etc, and an electric push mower (rebuilt from surplus, running on a pack of 3 leaf cans).

I still need to tackle pushing snow in winter (gas quad with blade), mowing 2 acres of yard (zero turn gas mower) and of course a reliable EV for every day use (The Mazda in my signature has little chance of passing the insurance inspection - it does not meet the enclosed battery cage/vented outside the cabin requirement ... which did not exist when I started the project)

Our electricity in Saskatchewan is 95% Coal ... my house is heated with natural gas .. and I have a wood fireplace .. so fossil fuel free is not a near-term thing for me.

When I get the Mazda running, I may just go off-roading for the fun of it and see how far I can get before I break something that prevents it from running at all It's been a long and expensive project, and I have to get SOMETHING out of it! I can't bring myself to just strip out the parts and then try to find somewhere to store them until the next project

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