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12 x 16 aircrete building for $1,000

So, apparently it had been longer than I thought since I checked up on Honey-do Carpenter. I saw some videos about building a shed, which he periodically says is not a shed. It seems he made several videos which he concluded some months back:

It has a concrete foundation, metal studs, and the roof is plywood and 2x4s, He laid down each set of studs, cut metal mesh to fit in between, poured aircrete, screwed them together using braces that seemed to be scrap metal, built a crane to lower the cables that he built in a similar fashion, and he said he was going to pour aircrete between the layers of plywood in the roof.

Stucco on the outside, plaster on the inside. The last video is from six months ago and it was still not finished, but I thought that it looked great.

For reference, YouTube recommended this video where a guy made a 12x16 shed for $2,600:

The video is almost 100 minutes long. I did not get very far! It is just plywood, siding, 2x4s, and OSB. It has a wooden floor sitting on nine concrete piers. He did not install any insulation.

62% less cost for an insulated building on a concrete foundation sounds like an amazing value.

This is more than a curiosity to me, I moved in with my mother a year ago, into the smallest in the house, and I have a number of things in my bedroom that do not belong to me because I do not know where else to put them. I have my dresser, tools, and Army stuff in a locker, and at least twice the manager has put a lock on my locker for not paying a late fee.

When I got the locker, I immediately set up automatic payments set for ten days before the due date. Previously, I had many checks cashed before the due date, so how was my payment date with an extra ten days? I then set my payments to go out another ten days earlier and I still missed a payment?

Or not. One time there was a lock, he could not tell me why it was there, and he removed it.

I got a locker to store things we had in the garage so I could work on my Civic. I am going to get rid of as much of that stuff as I can.

I have also mentioned my difficulty focusing when I try to do schoolwork, paperwork, etc., and that my mom likes to try to talk to me when I am taking tests. I finally found a solid-core door, which will hopefully attenuate my family, but is it too much to ask for just a desk for doing schoolwork?

I have wanted a small office space for schoolwork, paperwork, and making confidential calls. Mom and I have discussed me putting in a second shed. It would be great if I could store my stuff there and still have room for a desk.

So, I made a thread years ago about moving our shed. Dad had me put in a fence and regulations required us to move the shed a couple of feet from the fence, or so we thought. When I checked recently, fences are required to be five feet from the fence. The yard is about 50 x 60 and the one shed is 10 x 15. If I built a second shed the same size in the other corner, including the space between the sheds and the fences, they would occupy 600 square feet, out of 3,000.

Having the backyard 20% shed sounds excessive, especially when half of that is space we cannot really use.

Permits are not required for sheds less than 200 square feet, unless they have a water and\or electrical connection, and\or are attached to an existing structure.

I am unsure what I could accomplish in an unheated and dark shed.

I have considered adding onto the one shed so we did not need more wasted space, but if I could build an aircrete building for significantly less money and effort than an addition, why not? I figure that adding on would actually require more resources than building a second building.

Anyway, I thought the aircrete not-shed was cool, and I would love to have my own space without distractions or people locking me out for no apparent reason.

Have a great day!

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