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Many gas stations in Arizona are over $3.00 a gallon. says prices have increased 46 in a month, partially due to planned and unplanned refinery maintenance in California shrinking demand.

The Earthquake State hit $4.00 a gallon, the highest since 2014.

I had talked to a family about getting them paperwork before the weekend, but I did not think that we established when they needed it. I was getting ready to see my first client today when I messaged the family to see when they needed it.

Pretty much right then.

So, I messaged the family with which I had an appointment saying that I would be delayed doing paperwork, and replaced a page in a .PDF with a version that my supervisor had signed.

Of course, that would not go quietly into the night. Then Mom asked me where in town had the cheapest gas. It only took a minute or two, but I was already late!

I am really bad at planning, remembering, executing... anyway, I was approaching empty yesterday and somehow thought that I would remember to get gas before my first appointment. I made it just fine, but I absolutely do not like going below empty, even though obviously I am not.

That just seems like Russian roulette. What have Russians ever done for us?!

So, both of us needed gas, and hopefully Safeway had a discount, so I carefully drove out after my two appointments, parked, walked home, drove Mom's car, filled up both using the same discount...and saved 25 over the cheapest place in town.

Drove Mom's car home, walked back, drove to the cheapest place in town, and got anther 5.5 gallons for 1 more than at Safeway with the discount.

Is it supposed to take two hours to get gas? I need to figure out how to check the fuel discounts.
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