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I confess I didn't read this entire thread, but I saw many videos about aircrete, including many from Gaia and their ideas. I'm sure they can make bricks, but Gaya said they can also cast large aircrete things, like a arc with a horizontal piece in the middle, to be the window of their dome. It was larger than 1,5 meter high. The problem is that I saw a guy on youtube testing many foam agents for aicrete, and none was able to cast large forms without the foam be reduzed, so it created a dense aircrete in the lower portiongs and a more fragile aircrete (less dense) in the upper portions.

Unless they cast the large pieces in many steps, like a layer placed in the mols, some time to dry a bit, and another layer, and so on until finish, I think they can't cast a entire large or tal piece and or a dome in one step, as one video proposed when they talked about creat a large mold with interior art ornaments.

Anyway Gaia said that a special fabric and a layer of portaland cement, after place the bricks and the shapew of dome be ready, can solve the problem of brittle .
Gaia once in a video showed a mold to create curved shape bricks, and so reduce the needed amount of portland portland cement layer to give the smooth finish ot the dome. But I never saw a video of they using these curved brick to create a dome, but just a video of the curved bricks made in the mold.

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