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Yesterday I looked into how much it costs to build a house in Mexico. It seems like it costs as much to build there as it should here, but I recently read that it costs significantly more to build in the U.S. than just ten years ago. I also read that in Mexico they do not build with wooden frames, but out of bricks.

Are bricks cheaper there than wood?

I say that I am fluent in Spanish, but I do not have anywhere near the opportunities to practice that I want, and I do not see how I would pick up all of the common words otherwise. When I was in Basic another Spanish-speaking gringo asked the Spanish speakers "Would you just open your mouths when you speak?"

I have elitist Spanish. I can only understand educated Spanish speakers. I remember hearing a guy at Harbor Freight and thinking "That is Spanish, right?"

I did not understand a single word he said.

I speak Spanish, but I would not try to build a house in Mexico on my own. I wonder how long it would take to find a company willing to build according to my strange gringo ideas.

Meanwhile, fellow gringos would just say "Why don't you just build a frame house like everyone else?"

If Honey-Do Carpenter built a 12 x 16 shed for $1,000, that means that you should be able to build a 20 x 20 garage for less than I paid for my Civic.

If you built a house out of aircrete, would you make the interior walls out of the same stuff? You already have metal studs, which cost more than wood. How is this cheaper than wood and wall board?
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