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On Brazil we use mostly bricks and concrete, and wood just for the frame that holds the roof and for doors.
Wood it's not very cheap here, but I don't know the price of wood on USA.

Workmanship on USA it's high compared to Brazil, even if the home building workmanship for home building on Brazil had rise considerable in the last 12 years.

Brick house have good thermal insulation, and are safer in case of fire. But to lay bricks takes time, and also to layer the wall with finish in cement and a smooth finish in plaster. And time is $$$$...
It's so much cement, sand, earth, that they start to talk about recycle, get the walls piece, after home demolition, and crush it until became like sand particles, and use asm ingredient for new homes.

Here a 50kg bag of simple Portland cement costs 20 to 25 reals (5,12 to 6,1 dollars).
How much a bag of portland cement costs on USA ???

China uses a lot of bamboo instead of steel, for many buildings. Maybe aircrete could use bamboo strips inside the aircrete molds.

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