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The guy who made the aircrete shed used metal studs. The aircrete would have increased the strength, but he actually doubled up on studs, because he had one on each end of each presumably 16" slab, so where the slabs met, there were two back-to-back. I am not sure whether sheet metal conducts temperature better than a 2x4, but it seems like aircrete would attach better to metal studs since they have three sides.

One 2x4 costs $2.86, metal studs cost $4.84 when you buy 70+, but he doubled up, so the cost would be $9.68 compared to $2.86.

239% more.

I read some pages trying to convince people that metal studs were better, but it just seemed like their pros were cons. More expensive and weaker?!

The local Lowe's charges $2.86 for a 2x4x8, while a 2x6 is somehow $5.22.

A 2x8 is $5.48!

Home Depot charges the exact same.

R-13 insulation is $60.13 for 11 batts, or $5.47 each, while R-19 insulation is $50.82 for 9 batts, or $5.65 each. The only R-25 that I found was $50.15 for six batts, $8.36 each, and is unfaced, while I priced faced insulation for x4 and x6 walls.

A 2x4 wall would be $2.86 per stud and $5.47 per batt, for a total of $..8.33.
A 2x6 wall would be $5.22 per stud and $5.65 per batt, for a total of $10.87.
A 2x8 wall would be $5.48 per stud and $8.36 per batt, for a total of $13.84.

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