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I up against the learning curve of Blender 2.8. It's brutal. I finally decided to go with "I have in my hand an envelope". =)

Scab [verb] means to nail a reinforcing board onto another one. In that case a 2x4 nailed across the inside of 2 posts and a 2x8 on the outside leveled on top. Then you do a monolithic pour of the stem wall/riser and slab.

I only estimated for a perimeter foundation ring. With a dirt floor you roto-till it with an admixture of ox blood and then tamp it with a concrete vibrator. "Dirt" cheap.

I like the bamboo tile roof All Darc showed. I'd look for the corrugated panels that they use on railroad car carriers (used). Boxcars are 9' 2" inside (?)

Cinva-Ram is the original CEB design. You saw mention of stabilized vs no-stabilized bricks? I believe that has to do with adding Portland cement to the mixture. The pressure causes moisture in the mix to hydrate the cement for. a stronger product.
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