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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
More indicators of Tesla technical superiority:

Halbach arrays in the motors:

Much more efficient in a hill test:

We could get into neutral networks and autonomy, but I don't think this is the right forum for that.
Did you watch that TFLcar video? They both ended up using the exact same range in the end. The Leaf just didn't know they were going to go back to home and was assuming they were just going to continue using battery at the rate that had been using the battery as in the Tesla they programmed the route and they didn't program the route in the Leaf. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered but it was an unnecessary variable they left out. Bottom line, in the end both cars had exactly the same range remaing back at the garage and when plugged in both cars said it was going to take over 24 hours to recharge.
To me that was the surprising part, a say 30 hour recharge after not even a 100% drain would be hard to live with if your daily routine involved using more than 50% of the range of either car.
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