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Less than $35,000...!

Tesla doesn't really want to sell a $35,000 Model 3... so they made it even cheaper!

In Canada any EV with a base price below CAD$45,000 (just under US$35,000) qualifies for a $5,000 incentive.
Which handily excluded even the base spec Model 3.

So Tesla released a base Model 3 for CAD$44,999 ...
This special edition has a smacking range of 150 km (93 miles)! Software limited.
I bet you can charge it from completely empty to completely full in less than a quarter of an hour at a Supercharger

Of course, you can get options like fancy paint, nice wheels, more range; as long as you stay below $55,000 total.
I bet more than a few buyers will be tempted to pay for the extra range.

Dodgy? That incentive is dodgy, crafted to exclude Tesla.
The Montys get what they deserve. For good measure:

Anyway, excellent news for Canadian Tesla buyers.
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