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Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
If they both used the same range, the 3 should be more efficient. The Leaf would have been as efficient as the 3 if it used less rated range than the 3 did and the difference was enough to offset the lower MPGe. So if the Leaf got 97mpge highway and the 3 got 112mpge highway, then to be as efficient as the 3 the leaf would need to use 97/112 miles for every mile the 3 used.
The whole test didn't make much sense but the point is, the Tesla isn't "much more efficient in a hill test." What you would have had to do is meter the energy it took to refill the batteries AND then used their actual electricity rate in Boulder CO and figure the equivalent MPG they got. They should have also taken a new Prius along and compared that to their final.
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