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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The market is pushing constant exponential growth on a finite planet. It pays next to nothing to the future for the nonrenewable resources we are consuming. It has pushed Ford and Chevy to discontinue the Focus, Fiesta, and Cruze in favor of SUV's. Not that 100 million new Fiesta's per year or Chevy Bolt's for that matter, makes any sustainable sense either. It pushes us to build giant, single family homes with huge heating bills and private pools and drive 100 miles alone in an SUV to a "job" that produces nothing but paperwork. It pays movie stars and athletes 100's of millions of dollars and no longer functions for labor to take a fair piece of the social surplus since there is an over supply, globalization, and automation allowing the owners of production to horde all of the profits. ect.
In spite of all that,we're also seeing carbon-free transportation,a growing charging infrastructure,carbon-free energy,grid-scale power storage,net-zero energy homes,office buildings.We've got a shot at going without metals and all the attendant entropy associated with them.
We could educate people for the first time.We could incentivize good behavior
and dis-incentivize not- so- good behavior.
Armed with adequate classroom skills,consumers could parry blows from Madison Avenue with intellectual jiu jitsu.
I'm edging on topics which will inflame some members.It's what is.
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