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human nature

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Our problems never were much to do with education, but rather human nature. That isn't easily educated out. Our underlying behavior resides on hardware that cannot be modified without genetic engineering or selective breeding. The software that modifies the underlying hard-coded behavior is very difficult to manipulate.

That's what I assume freebeard and Bucky were on about; that you can't (successfully) fight human nature, you have to accommodate it.
It's my opinion that the mysteries of man are well understood and can be taken advantage of by those who are in command of this information.Like Ivy Lee was to John D. Rockefeller and Adolf Hitler.He trained both.
You get a taste of it in boot camp,basic training,multi-level marketing seminars,etc..Motion pictures and television are enough for many.
Since the US has no culture,nor right of passage into adulthood,it's anyone's guess what it is to be a man or woman in America,and there are predators at the waiting,ready to deliver you to their way of thinking.It's tribal.It's obviously quite easy! We evolved for this.And it can be taken advantage of.That's what advertising is for.
And they'll loan you money,at usury, to buy the very rope you'll hang yourself with.They're sociopaths.And it's protected by law.And dates to before Sumer,and the written word.
Education would be your only defense against this,but see if you can find Vance Packard in any classroom.Or 'Crystalizing Public Opinion' by Edward Bernays.'The Prince' by Machiavelli.'Art of War,by Sun Tsu.'
We're just 'copper-tops'(The Matrix),only here to feed our life force into the machine of the client who finances the election campaign of their government patron (Rome:Marcus Aurelias,Cornelius Sulla)
Live by emotion,not thinking. Get knocked-up young,get into debt,and stay in debt,'til you're used up,and no energy left.Spend your entire estate to the healthcare industry in the last 120-days of your life, having given everything to Caesar and his cronies.
Sure,you can get a buzz,over indulge,with endless hedonic adaptation and its momentary dopamine release.Baskin-Robbins 31-Flavors of pre aproved,mass-produced lifestyles to choose between,for your 'individualism.'
We have only a faint patina of 'civilization' separating us from the rest of the animal kingdom,and watch the animal come out when you even remotely threaten the income of a pack member who's in debt.Shylock is waiting to exact his pound of flesh.This is driving the whole climate debate.Fear of loss,by the haves,who don't want to lose out to the have-nots.
I agree about the hard wiring.That's the triune,reptilian brain.Fight or flight.Us against 'them.' Tribal.At the very bottom of Mazlo's hierarchy of needs.Evolutionary.That's where they want to keep you,'cause if you ever learn to think,they're in trouble.You might shine some light into a dark corner they'd rather not have illuminated.
Just stay ignorant.Let your hormones rule you.Don't ask questions.Keep your place.If you don't stand out,you won't get hammered down.You won't be laughed at.Humiliated.Expelled.You want to be in the 'in-crowd'.They go where the 'in-crowd' goes. Protect the pack.Mark your territory.Watch your perimeter.Demand submission from any interloper who might stray into your turf.
You don't fight human behavior.But you realize that people are malleable.I just watched the President of a North Carolina Ku Klux Klan chapter vote for school integration in his own hometown the other night.(recent movie:,'Best of Enemies',true U.S.history,from 1971).He flipped in 14-days,after sleeping with the enemy.That's remarkable behavioral plasticity!
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