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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
This is half of what Hagens is telling us. We don't do things because they are smart. We do things that give us the same feel good brain chemicals that were the "fittest" for survival for a million years of evolution when we were driven to survive as hunter/ gatherers. Today these "feelings" are hijacked (intentionally) to encourage us to consume much more than we need in order to be happy and healthy. The only way forward is for everyone to learn about metacognition. To think about the way our brains work. And truly become sapient. We were born to shop since the wanting is much stronger than the having.
Yes,take advantage of every weakness.Fear of loss works best.
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The shopping has replaced the 'hunt.'
The purchase is the 'kill.'
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Shelter,sustenance,security....................... .all the way up to self-actualization.
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