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Well, on Brazil a guy saved other people, when a crazy fan, who was crazy for a blonde model, invaded a hotel room where she and some family members of her were hosted.

The crazy fan shooted some people, and brother in law of the blonde model acted fast and killed hin using the own crazy guy's gun, with about 3 short distance shots on the back of his head.

Guess what... a public procecuter was accusing hin of execution.

The family of the crazy guy also want some cash, and went to justice system.

And a "human rights" politicians here said that she thinks police needs to wait get shot until be allowed to open fire against criminals.

Well... I'm not sure if you guys would want to be a hero on Brazil...

While on USA the hero, in a case with a white and a black shooter, would need to manage to stop both shooters or at least stop the white shooter, otherwise would be accused of racism.

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