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I don't think they were in some distance, but more like in a body to body fight, and he got the gun and shot hin fast. If he was already dominated, and stand, then 3 shot in the back would be a execution.

Anyway in the case of a true execution, seconds after you watch the guy shoot some family members... for me it's not a big crime, since you would have a fair reason to be in high rage.

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Three bullets in the back of the head of someone that has been disarmed (losing the very gun that shot him)... Yup, that's an execution.

No doubt the guy was guilty, but he should have been brought to justice. As you tell it it seems more force was used than needed. So, yeah.

That's why at a point you need professional bodyguards instead of people that can get too emotionally involved like family members.
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