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Ben Davidson

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Small taters.

S0 vs AAS:

I was thinking about AOC's Green New Deal and it caused me to look up Primrose Path. It turns out that it's a quotation from Hamlet."primrose+path"
I suspect that Ben can't get an audience with an authentic scientific journal,as he's not a scientist,and if what he submitted reflects how he constructs his verbal arguments,he'd be shot down by peer-reviewers,with no chance of publication;as he demonstrates pseudo-scientific proclivities.
His comments about magnetic field strength and volcanism/seismic activity alone,is enough for him to be immediately dismissed as a crank.
There are over 1600 predatory science journals which,for a fee,would be perfectly happy to publish his paper,without any editorial review.
I can't possibly see SCIENCE,or NATURE picking him up.
Most of Earth's protection begins 9,300,000,000-miles out,at the end of the heliosphere.Earth's magnetic field a squat,compared to that.
What leaves the Sun is governed by the inverse-square law,with a dillution factor the further and further you get from the chromosphere,and with Earth's orbit and spin,isn't always 'looking' at the Sun.
During a magnetic reversal,Earth doesn't lose all it's magnetosphere.There'd be no methane hydrates,petroleum,or natural gas,if past magnetic reversals were associated with extinctions.
Only a coronal mass ejection would be a game changer,and as folks,no doubt, have told Ben,there's not a damned thing we could do about one of those.We'd have two days notice,but what would be the point?
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