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pollution not weather

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You quoted this part and didn't respond to it. Your response? I'm with the statistical view.

So you're saying that so-called 'fossil-fuel' use is leading to human extinction? Well. of course... collapsing food chains will take everything down but it's cause is pollution not the weather.
Again, I was going to Xist's shed thread to post this but it's relevant here:

At ten minutes it gets onto veganism and cloth diapers, but basically it is a low-tech house under a high tech dome. This would work as well in Aridzona as it does in Snorway.
The scientific observations and research don't support your argument.There's a vast body of interdisciplinary research which points directly to anthropogenic greenhouse gas-driven climate change, threatening life on Earth more than any other factor.
Multi-family urban structures would be far superior to greenhouse-enclosed,single-family housing,if you were talking about minimizing energy demands.
Veganism would cut the agricultural carbon footprint by 6X,compared to a flesh diet.There's no controversy there,other that it might invite a 6X increase in the human population.
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