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I suspect that Ben can't get an audience with an authentic scientific journal,as he's not a scientist,and ...[salty tears]
I don't think of him as a scientist but as a citizen journalist. Today's post starts with
good morning folks we've got news on
geoengineering earthquakes a distant
galaxy and ancient stellar events in our
solar system you might have noticed the
Sun is active as well let's start there
at space weather news[.com]...
...and cites Nature and Columbia News. The Journal of Environmental Economics and Mangement may be as you describe. Should he not report on them?
Only a coronal mass ejection would be a game changer,and as folks,no doubt, have told Ben,there's not a damned thing we could do about one of those.We'd have two days notice,but what would be the point?
His rebuttal would be that we have survived them before.
The scientific observations and research don't support your argument.There's a vast body of interdisciplinary research which points directly to anthropogenic greenhouse gas-driven climate change, threatening life on Earth more than any other factor.
Multi-family urban structures would be far superior to greenhouse-enclosed,single-family housing,if you were talking about minimizing energy demands.
Veganism would cut the agricultural carbon footprint by 6X,compared to a flesh diet.There's no controversy there,other that it might invite a 6X increase in the human population.
Does this vast body state that explicitly, or is it inferred?
Urbanites could follow the example set. Non?
So you're saying veganism makes people fecund?

Weird cyclone worth seeing:

I have little respect for potholer54, I think he's a muck-racker, but he rebuts Ben Davidson here:

I could only take the first three minutes of his obfusaction, I don't know how it turns out. Is that him in the thumbnail? Tobacco cigarette in his mouth isn't cool, but at least it's a Zippo lighter.
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