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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I don't think of him as a scientist but as a citizen journalist. Today's post starts with

...and cites Nature and Columbia News. The Journal of Environmental Economics and Mangement may be as you describe. Should he not report on them?

His rebuttal would be that we have survived them before.
Does this vast body state that explicitly, or is it inferred?
Urbanites could follow the example set. Non?
So you're saying veganism makes people fecund?

Weird cyclone worth seeing:

I have little respect for potholer54, I think he's a muck-racker, but he rebuts Ben Davidson here:

I could only take the first three minutes of his obfusaction, I don't know how it turns out.
*If he doesn't know the difference between science and pseudo-science,and if he's an 'influencer' for even more ignorant people than himself, then it has the potential to lead people down a rabbit hole,further and further from the facts.Not a problem with interior design,but the greatest harm,with respect to climate change.
*If he's not concerned with a CME,then what is he concerned about? Solar wind blowing the atmosphere off the planet? Losing the ozone layer? Does he not understand atmospheric photochemistry? (he doesn't mention it.maybe he doesn't know it exists.)
*In a nutshell,the vast body of observational,empirical evidence,and a disturbing statistical probability is,such that anthropogenic greenhouse gases are causing non-linear, accelerating global warming and climate change of which Earth's flora and fauna are not evolutionary selected for,and will be pushed beyond what they can adapt to,and will perish.
The food web is, and will continue to collapse,and latent heat will reach a point such that Earth will be cease to be inhabitable as we know it.
*Nobody can predict with any certainty the specific time frame,but the cautionary principle dictates that we act to mitigate.We fail to act,at our own peril.
*Population is a function of food supply.If you transition from a meat-eating culture,to a vegan culture you can expand the food supply by 6X.If you subscribe to the Jevon's Paradox,or,Kazoom-Brookes Postulate,then there's the potential for the world's population to expand upwards to the new food supply limit.It has nothing to do with fertility rates.
My day is almost shot,I don't know if I'll get to your new videos.They're extremely time consuming!
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