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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I don't think of him as a scientist but as a citizen journalist. Today's post starts with

...and cites Nature and Columbia News. The Journal of Environmental Economics and Mangement may be as you describe. Should he not report on them?

His rebuttal would be that we have survived them before.
Does this vast body state that explicitly, or is it inferred?
Urbanites could follow the example set. Non?
So you're saying veganism makes people fecund?

Weird cyclone worth seeing:

I have little respect for potholer54, I think he's a muck-racker, but he rebuts Ben Davidson here:

I could only take the first three minutes of his obfusaction, I don't know how it turns out. Is that him in the thumbnail? Tobacco cigarette in his mouth isn't cool, but at least it's a Zippo lighter.
Perhaps Ben thinks he's helping.I don't know.He isn't a scientist,and in all things scientific,he might want to defer to the experts.
Science requires an exacting precision with language,of which Ben lacks command.
Glacials and interglacials are defined by sea- level.Period.He doesn't appear to know that fact.
He never mentions interstadials,of which the Earth has experienced many,something else never mentioned.(out of ignorance?)
I thought potholer54 was quite generous in his handling of Ben.
Ben Davidson appears very attached to the notion that,experts should extend the time and respect reserved for real scientists,who make real contributions,and would never get any work done,if they had to cater to the unanointed.
There's a price which accompanies entrance into the scientific community,which seems to elude Ben Davidson.
I've heard enough of him for a lifetime.I'm done with Suspicious Observer.
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