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*If he doesn't know the difference between science and pseudo-science,and if he's an 'influencer' for even more ignorant people than himself, then it has the potential to lead people down a rabbit hole,further and further from the facts.Not a problem with interior design,but the greatest harm,with respect to climate change.
*If he's not concerned with a CME,then what is he concerned about? Solar wind blowing the atmosphere off the planet? Losing the ozone layer? Does he not understand atmospheric photochemistry? (he doesn't mention it.maybe he doesn't know it exists.)
*In a nutshell...*Nobody can predict with any certainty (the specific time frame,but the cautionary principle dictates that we act to mitigate.We fail to act,at our own peril.)
My day is almost shot,I don't know if I'll get to your new videos.They're extremely time consuming!
I could only take 3 minutes of potholer54 myself.

S0 has a posse of 400,000 fact checkers that you are denigrating. One of them is a national award-winning high school kid.

Re: the CMEs. He has a 23-part series on mini-novas that are interpreted as asteroidal impacts in the geologic record.
Perhaps Ben thinks he's helping.I don't know.He isn't a scientist,and in all things scientific,he might want to defer to the experts.
Science requires an exacting precision with language,of which Ben lacks command.
Glacials and interglacials are defined by seal level.Period.He doesn't appear to know that fact.
He never mentions interstadials,of which the Earth has experienced many,something else never mentioned.(out of ignorance?)
I thought potholer54 was quite generous in his handling of Ben.
There's a price which accompanies entrance into the scientific community,which seems to elude Ben Davidson.
I've heard enough of him for a lifetime.I'm done with Suspicious Observer.
Potholer54 disingenuously points to his discussion of interglacials and says (paraprhasing)"He's either talking bout the leading edge or the trailing edge but no— he's talking about both!" I don't have time for that.

Unfortunately I can't find a direct link to the cyclone video. You could look at it and then close the tab when it's over. Would you do that for me?

"Science requires an exacting precision with language,of which Ben lacks command." Here're the links he provided today;
Today's Featured Links: Nearby Neutron Star Merger: Real Quake Risk Map: Hubble NGC 2903: Geoengineering Charade:
They use exacting language. Journalists popularize them.
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