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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
And their work is commented by erudite persons. For popular consumption.

*Starting every line with an asterisk levels the distinction between facts, observations and commentary.
*A mininova isn't the same as some asteroids, but has similar effect.

Recently declassified documents (the Adam and Eve story*) suggest that that happens a lot, but so quickly the geologic record doesn't show it.

Potholer54's effette snobbery doesn't change the fact that S0 gets school kids excited about astrophysics. I doubt he could.

Can you give the Permalink where I mentioned it? I can't find it, but I remember pasting the URL at the time it shows and suggested you could close the window after the 10-15 seconds. It was pretty spectacular white water vapor coming down from the cloud and brown dirt coming up from below with a clear section in the middle where they weren't mixing.

Technically we all live in our own head and should be suspicious of everyone else. Especially freshman Congresspersons who think they are in charge because nobody else is doing what she wants (or is told to want).


That's asking for a lot. And assumes Congress is less lame that the Executive.
Separation of powers, etc.

Maybe an occasional head count or requirement for proof-of-life?


*I'll stick to the asterisks as a way to discern between different subjects and make easier to locate.They're bullets and used by many.
*Davidson said nothing of mini novas in the youtube.If you want to preface the video beforehand with these embellishments great.Otherwise one can't be expected to know anything about them.
*Ben never mentioned excursions and neither did you.I can't read minds.
*I'm not interested in your impressions of potholer.It's not germane to SO' content.
*The permalink was maybe three pages back.The link wouldn't work.If you see a cyclone which appears visually,vertically bifurcated,it has to do with the lack of entrainment of water or particulates.The vortex is there,it's just invisible.Sometimes in Reed Timmer's tornado videos the funnels won't be visible until they get low enough to touch ground,otherwise just looking like a scud cloud.
*If you were AOC you'd do exactly what she does.Climate Silence needs to be addressed.Not enough voices if you ask me.81% of registered voter are egging her on.
*Redpoint mentioned appointees.My comment attempted to address the challenge.I'm not a political animal.If Congress had a non-negotiable template that they had to use for the nominee confirmation process,maybe morons wouldn't make it into agencies.
*Yes,at least see if they could fog a mirror.
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