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Another nerd signing in. It's like a high school reunion up in here. Where's the punch? Good to be here again. How's you all been?

I still have my whole fleet plus some new additions. The Insight is still going like the great gutless wonder it is, but I drive so little, ecomodding is not a big priority. I still dream about making a riveted aluminum boat tail for it though and I have a set of salt flat discs sitting in my shop collecting dust that I never got around to installing. Oh, the shame!

My newest fleet member is a 108 Stinson that I'm rebuilding. I am planning to ecomod that as there's a lot more low hanging fruit than the insight. Any interest in me posting that thread here. I feel like I might get more interest and constructive input here than on the Stinson forum. Not sure If I can justify the extra time to post here though.

On a serious note, I really do wonder how much of an impact Van's high prices are having on people's driving habits & vehicle choices.
There are a few people with their hair on fire out here for sure but everyone got used to to $1.50 in the summer so I imagine they will get used to this too.

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