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*Article 1,Section 8,of the United States Constitution,the Welfare clause,legally authorizes the United States Govt. to enact laws for the overall general welfare of the people...the basis for implied powers necessary to carry the express provisions of the Constitution.
*Failure to protect, constitutes dereliction of duty on the part of the president,congress,or supreme court, as per 'Necessita inducit privilegium quoad jura privata.'
*Under,Jam v. International Finance Corporation,the United States Supreme Court ruled that there is no such thing as 'virtual absolute immunity' from the law.No one.We the People are legally empowered to bring suit for remedy against any entity,globally,to enable our exemption form injury or calamity, now that the metric of 'Causa sine qua non' or 'Proximate cause' has been met.
*The United States Govt. may constrain the 1st-Amendment rights of any individual or corporations if 'the words used.., create a clear and present danger' to We the People.(Schenck v. United States)
*The US democracy virtually dictates facilitation for the Green New Deal,as a Constitutional mandate.It has virtually nothing to do with communism.
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