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My 2 cents:

-Raising tire pressure is almost always low hanging fruit.

-Change your driving habits. Drive more slowly on the highway and minimize your speed changes in town. See the Driver's Ed section for details.

-Going with smaller wheels will probably improve ride quality (and offset some lost with higher tire pressure). You may get a small but noticeable improvement in acceleration, and fuel economy might improve a very small amount. However, the wheels are unlikely to ever pay for themselves.

-You'll not gain anything by changing spark plugs, Toyota likely already optimized them.

-I wouldn't touch the spoiler.

The CH-R is a shoe. It's not an aerodynamic vehicle at all. Chances are good you'll see the largest improvements by simply driving more slowly since aerodynamic drag goes up exponentially with speed and you're not starting at a good baseline anyway. You may also consider some things like improved underbody paneling (it's probably not half bad from the factory), smooth wheel covers, mirror deletes, a partial grille block, prewarming (e.g. block and oil pan heaters).
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