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Originally Posted by morkys View Post
Running General Evertek 195/60R 14's H rated tires on 6.0" wide rims. Wider than the stock 175/65 and 185/65 but right in between both in terms of height.
Sorry about this old thread.
I drive on used tires on my manual 2008 Hyundai Accent, which standard wheels/tires were 175/65/14 inch tires. The low-geared transmission gave 2900rpms at 60MPH....way too many.

Without going to different gearing, I tried 195/65/15 inch wheels/tires which lowered rpms by 6%! Alright!! Then I tried 205/65/15 inch tires with deep tread despite being used. Just barely cleared the mudflaps & lowered gearing another 3%.
Sure beats the price of a re-geared transmission, makes the suspension feel more "grown-up", AND MPG went up too.
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