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It's funny the roads which provide far more benefit to the country at large then any other government funded idea, should be thought to needed to be paid for by the users. The roads are like the military, they benefit everyone almost equally. Even if you didn't have a car, or ride a bus, or even walk on a sidewalk, you still benefit from the roads. It is how almost everything moves. Besides that, the fact we have such a free and open road system open to all has done more for individual freedom in this country than all the wars and military ever even thought of doing. You may not have or need a car now, but that inexpensive system in place means at any point you can buy/rent/borrow transportation and change your location at any point, any day, any hour, to where you want to be. Nobody else needs to be involved. It's the classic american story, a vast country filled with so much diversity. If roads need to pay for themselves, then I say the same goes for education, Nasa, FEMA, EPA, USDA, Medicare, science, housing, etc. should all have to be self funding. I actually work for the one government service that is and almost always has been self funded. Not to mention was the early driving force behind the government funding and betterment of the roads in the first place. Good old US Postal Service. Laugh if you want but at least we are actually in the Constitution as an official role of the federal government, and one that has tied the union of states together for over 200 years.
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