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In Lean Burn Mode
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I did all my tuning on the road. I think you need to keep the tuning road only because you find out that your aero will play a big part in your maps verse a load type dyno.

Also make sure that you set your eco tuning in open loop if you don't run a cat. When you start running lean burn open loop is your friend. The engine in lean burn is really picky the leaner you go and needs a smooth fuel map. This will keep miss-fire from happening.

Try to keep leaner or richer then 15 to 16:1. Combustion will heat up the exhaust valves in this range. You should be able to be at 19:1+ for light load pretty easily. You will have to calculate anything over 19:1 do to your sensor. Pretty simple airflow verse fuel flow.

You will also learn what rpm the engine likes to be at in lean burn. Every engine has its own rpm that makes its best airflow swirl and tumble. That will also be your highest A/F you can run.

Anyway there is a ton more to it but these are good starting points.
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