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natural gas

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
A thermal solar plant that burns natural gas isn't very carbon free.

Even if it ran 24 hours it still would be way below 100% capacity factor. The solar collector would have to be about 500% over sized or more, with a huge storage tank just to make name plate around the clock and would probably still need to burn some natural gas.
Probably be better off with wind power.
I was limiting my comment to concentrated solar.The fracking/methane issue makes natural gas less appealing more and more.If the plant provides power 24-hours a day,at the plants rated capacity,on the days it can produce,that would be 100% capacity factor for those days.In the Atacama desert that might be 365-days/year.It's all about the design criteria,yes.
As part of a market basket of solutions it could play an important role.
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