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Thinking outside the box is impossible, as the box represents your sphere of understanding. You can only increase the size of the box by seeking new information. College can help with that, but isn't necessary. I'm often critical of college, yet I attended for 8 years and learned quite a few things along the way. That said, it wasn't worth the cost for me.

I don't know why "attendant" and some therapy positions are so poorly compensated, as it's clearly a demanding job. There must be an abundance of people that are willing to do it. Then again, many construction jobs are poorly compensated, yet require a high degree of skill.

College is the conservative approach to success. By that I mean it's the time-tested way to prepare people for certain occupations. The liberal approach to success is to ditch college and do your own thing. Notable people are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller and Mark Zuckerberg. For some individuals, creativity and learning is slowed by utilizing structured processes such as school. Perhaps for most people, the structured processes are beneficial.

Doing things differently involves risk. The probability of failure is increased, but then so is the potential for success.

If you go earn a paycheck, your "success" is pretty narrowly defined. If you are an entrepreneur, your success depends on how good your idea, implementation, and luck is.
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