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19,254 doctors graduated in the U.S. in 2017:"colId":"Location ","sort":"asc"%7D

Nearly 40,000 attorneys graduated in 2015:

"Class of 2018 medical school students graduated with $196,520 in student loans, on average:"

According to, in 2017 the average new attorney had $139,900 in student loan debt:

Doctor debt per year: 19,254 x $196,520 = $3,783,796,080
Attorney debt per year: 40,000 x $139,900 ≥ $5,596,000,000

So, there is potentially nine billion dollars' worth of student loan debt written off each year just from doctors and attorneys.

It gives weird data about MBAs, but that is a tangent that we do not need.

Tin foil hat time! The average billionaire does not want you dropping out of college because then you would figure out how to become a billionaire!

Okay, you may doff your aluminum head covers.

This says there are nearly two million college dropouts each year:

There are 540 billionaires in the U.S.:

Of the Forbes 400:
63 have only a high-school education.
29 have a Master's of Science
35 have law degrees
21 have generic PhDs (not law, medicine, etc.)
5 are medical doctos

Well, that is not very useful, but 84.25% were not on the high-school-only list.
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