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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
On the Federal level I think we should:
  1. Eliminate Income tax deductions, rebates, and credits. All of them
  2. Tax all income the same.
  3. Drop corporate income taxes because in the end the customer pays them. Corporate earnings should be taxed when it is distributed to investors or if companies try to take the money outside of the USA.
  4. Add a Federal sales tax.

The vast majority of states have a combination of sales, property and income tax. Only 5 states do not have a general sales tax and only 7 do not have an income tax. That is pretty balanced.
Constitutionally only corporations should pay income tax.

The reason is simple, there are far fewer of them and they are much easier to tax.

AKA you would need to collect far fewer taxes at much less effort to get the same financial impact.

Forcing every poor ******* to do income tax every year on down to $3500 a year just wastes billions of dollars.

There have been many analysts that state collecting personal income tax doesn’t
Break even anyway.
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