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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Nope. The Constitution says that the federal courts determine what the Constitution says. There is a long line of court cases that say individuals owe income taxes.

Personal income taxes are complicated in the USA because we chose to make them that way. We choose to use the federal tax code as a tool for social engineering. We also choose to make individuals calculate the tax they owe instead of allowing the IRS to do it for use.

Most Americans don't understand that we are an outlier here. No other developed country requires individuals calculate their own taxes. They also don't tend to try to use the tax code to shape behavior.

Take EV subsidies as an example. In the US we make the buyer pay the full amount and then file a special tax form to get the credit back (if we paid enough in taxes). In other countries the subsidy is a point-of-sale discount and the dealer collects the subsidy from the government.

Not a chance. Individual income taxes are the largest source of revenue. See below.
Something like 90% of the IRS $2.5 billion budget is devoted to collect 5% of taxes owed, and 2.5b leaves out ancillary, indirect and cost to society

Taxing The lower 60% of the population is more or less a waste of time
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