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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
World investment in wind and solar has stalled due to poor financial return on investment. I guess what is needed is to start phasing in a world carbon tax right when it comes out of the ground. Which creates the fund for mitigation/ relocation and support of basic living needs.
"At the end of the day investors aren’t just going to put their money on a good story, their main objective is to make money from these investments. A look at the renewable energy sector fundamentals analysis shows that the total rating of all listed renewable energy companies fundamentals is just 3.9 out of 10, a rating that signals the renewable energy sector has very poor fundamentals."
Growth in Renewables has Stalled. Investment is Falling. But Why? – Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
Successful carbon capture, sequestration,and atmospheric CO2 removal would be the most painless solution,but if added to 'hidden' costs,I don't know how they could look economically attractive at all.
And I don't know by what metrics,the ratings are established.If its someone like Moody's Investment Services,they could be pulling numbers out of their backside.
Last night on CBS,they reported on a new report on climate; saying that we're now looking at 9F increase by 2100.That will be 18F at the poles.If so,it's game over.
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