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I had some limited experience with my Scion FR-S, the engine seemed to have trouble at 17:1 or so. I didn't really mess with the timing much, it's possible that if I really changed ignition timing it could have worked. I gave up entirely when I realized I needed to cheat the post-cat O2 sensor, as it was correcting my wideband calibration while I was driving, so I could only run lean while idle.

I believe your Honda K24 should do a little better because the low-rpm cam has low lift. Still, I think you'll find diminishing returns near the 18 AFR range given your engine is stock. If I had a car and time/money to test it, my thinking is that a significantly increased compression ratio and decreased squish volume would help with lean ignition (using a PCV catch can can buy some knock resistance, and giving up a little timing and power at max load should buy a bit more).
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