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Doom-o-oil Theory

While the Domino Theory didn't play out like many feared,not so for the Doom-o-oil Theory.
Without double-blind,randomized,placebo-controlled,large-cohort clinical trials,to prove the efficacy and safety of internal combustion,before it was ever allowed on the market;we've allowed pusher men to sell this drug,openly,on street corners across the country for a century.
And we've known since the 1950s that it's use is a potential killer.Not to mention the millions who've already died,trying to keep America and the rest of the developed-world supplied with intoxicating tailpipe fumes.
Perhaps Eisenhower should have paid equal attention to the Oxidation Industrial Complex.
The OxyContin and Sackler Family fiasco is gonna look like a walk in the park compared to oxidation.With culpability all the way to the White House for 5-decades.A real success story!
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