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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
As long as were on the subject of wind intermittency and capacity factor: Here is a post from the thread at endless-sphere from the guy that has been telling us about the troubles with the South Australia grid since they prematurely shut down most of their coal plants in favor of wind and solar.
note... the little, jagged, orange and blue noise signal at the very bottom is the charge and discharge of the BigF'nBattery.
Another day,..another month,..
......and another classic example why wind & solar force UP the cost of electricity supply..
Courtesy of south Australia with their “surplus” , 2+ GW, of wind and solar generation capacity...
. Note the legend..RED is GAS,...purple is IMPORTS !
That's nothing compared to their coal troubles!
And you may just want to burn all your cost data.That's all calculated by unicorns.'voodoo economics.'
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