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real world

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
"To power the world". I have shown you over and over again based on real world data, this is complete nonsense to keep putting these in front of people. It breeds complacency and ill will because then they think that we would have it made if we would only choose to put up some solar and wind and also the just puts the blame on "evil. rich. white, oil barons" for keeping us from a simple choice.
It is not so simple.
*I'm going to argue that,these depictions of primary power requirements are either intentionally, intellectually dishonest,or born out of ignorance, stupidity,or worse.
*And the reason I argue this has to do with the second law of thermodynamics,which is conveniently,and overtly ignored in the depicted data.
*Total US net energy requirements for 2014 were only on the order of 900-GW.
*Due to the thermal inefficiencies of coal,natural gas,and petroleum combustion,it took on the order of 3.176-TW worth of energy to produce the 900-GW.
*If we freeze a snapshot of 2014 population and consumption,and consider our challenge regarding decarbonization,then we'd need only to consider building out 900-GW worth of capacity to handle the total power requirement for the nation.
*Just the energy wasted on residential cooling and heating in 2014,would have financed 32.7-GW worth of installed wind power capacity,per year,had the National Building Code represented 'best-case' (off-the-shelf) practices.,essentially handing a $49-billion subsidy to electric power providers each year,in 2014 dollars.
*It's absolutely amazing to me,that in a self-proclaimed,'capitalist' nation,that a large proportion of the adult population advocates,and defends torching the GDP.
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